Visit unique Japan: The story of the 330 years old monk mummy

If you are fond of mummies surely you will like to visit them where they are located. In other countries, you can easily find them as it is their practice and even if it was already gone the remains of the mummies who were preserved even at this time can be seen. They are located in places that can take care of them like museums but there are still some who are located in their original place because of the taboo of them being transferred.

Here you can see the mummy that is located in Japan. The country has also its share in the world of the mummy. It may be strange why there are mummies in the country of Japan but because there are monks who practice mummification that is why in Japan you can also find mummies there.  You can have a good experience as you can see in the video the experience of seeing a mummy. But before you were treated to see the mummy you can first see an interesting cave.

You now know also that you can make your own good luck charm and paint it the way you want after seeing the statues that are being erected if you paid a certain amount of money. Then you can now see the mummy which is 330 years old who is preserved in a very good state. The mummy was a result of the sacrifice of the monk who made the process to mummify him.

A tour to the night train: A free accommodation versus an expensive hotel

Welcome to another article about the great country of Japan. You will see more articles that are to be published and we will soon focus also in the city of Saitama that is featured on this website. There are many things that you can see here and read so take your time to browse and read the different articles that feature many things about Japan. Many people are becoming interested in this country that offers many things to individuals who have different and specific needs.

In the video, we can learn about the train that travels for about 12 hours allowing you to leave the city of Tokyo and explore also the seaside for a fresh and cool adventure. Because of the distance, it is uncomfortable to just sit and find a position where you can take a rest. That is why the accommodation that the train offers is a fresh and a good one especially to those who need to regain strength for a new adventure.

The one who uploads the video has given us a tour of the inside of the train to let us see how it is and how does it look like. It is very interesting compared to other countries that have just had the bus as a mode of transportation even if it takes a very long ten hours or more of travel. You even have to transfer from one bus to another and then to another vehicle. Have some fun to try the train when you visit there.


An inside story of Japan: Living indefinitely in cyber-cafes

If you have been to Japan then you may have encountered people who live in the internet cafes. It seems that Japan is a very diverse country that has many residents with different characteristics. They are the people who want something and then find where they belong. If you will see its history and practices you can be able to be amazed how this country has survived for centuries and became what it is today. This country is full of things that can be strange to other people.

In the video is the documentary about the life of people who are living in the cyber cafes. It is located in Manboo and many people know about it. If you are a foreigner then you may feel shocked at the first time. But to them, it is very normal. One thing I can say is that Japan has the kind of freedom that cannot be compared to other nations. Whatever you like you can be accepted even if it seems not normal.

Each of the persons who were interviewed has their own reasons to live in a space like that. It shows what the status of the present time is. People do not care much of their neighbor as they are also very busy to take care of their own life. They need to make money for a living and they need to provide for their family. They have much stress and burden that they sometimes feel lost and do not know what to do.


The 12 reasons why many envy the Japanese bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the rooms that many people do not think much. But in Japan, you would be surprised how much you can do and how it is very useful and considerable to be used. You would feel you are a rich person by its design and functionality. If you have one it is very good for you. If you live in Japan then you are so lucky. But if you do not then take time to know about the Japanese bathrooms in the video.

You now know all the twelve things that are nice features of Japanese bathrooms that many envies. Surely if you do not have a better one than the one there then you would also envy that kind of bathroom. You can copy their design if you want as it is a very nice one. But because we have cultural differences you would have some changes to the original design and you would like to put some personal touches, unlike the others.

One of the features of Japanese bathroom that I like is that three people can use it at the same time. Because you can have many numbers in one house using only one bathroom you may be able to have inconveniences like having to stand in line to be able to do what you want to do inside. All the features are very useful. I also hope I can get all those benefits without having to worry about the bill.

Your introduction to the Japanese vending machines

If the country you came from does not have the common vending machines in Japan you would be amazed when you will visit Japan. The vending machines in some countries only contain hot or cold drinks that are disposed of in paper cups. They are the basic vending machines that you can see and encounter and they are not placed in many areas but only in some buildings. They are located inside the building and not outside due to safety reasons as many criminals and vandals.

If you will go to Japan they are located everywhere and they are many serving different products. You can find many things there that you can find in groceries or stores. But also strange things are being sold in them like crabs that are put into a vending machine suitable for them to live. You can just put the money in the machine and like any other products sold in a vending machine they are disposed of and you can now get them. Others just get them out of curiosity.

The good thing that the vending machine in Japan has is that there is a transmitter that could send a signal to the police who will automatically respond to the area of the vending machine. If you do not like the bananas and want to pick a fight with them better not to try it. Learn many things by watching the whole video above. You can learn also about how profitable this industry is.

The 14 kinds of condiments and sauces you can find in Japan

If you like cooking then surely you also like to do your experiments and make different kinds of food. In this times you can have easy access to the different recipes compared before that you have to buy a cookbook or ask someone who knows about the recipe and how to make it. In the past years, it is also not easy to have ingredients you need if they are recipes from other countries. Now, the situation has changed very much in many positive ways.

You can now order ingredients online and have it delivered to your doorstep. With the increase also of foreigners living in other places, there are groceries that are being established where you can buy ingredients and other things that you like to have even if sometimes it is limited. You can also search online the recipes and the needed ingredients and the procedure on how to cook a menu that they serve in other countries. You can even see a live demonstration of how it is done.

It is very exciting to be able to learn much from other countries as they seem to be very new and exciting to expect compared to the traditional dishes that you always have. But they are not really for common consumption as they can be expensive and so not practical to cook more and more. You can also try to mix and match the dishes and the sauce that is from Japan to make a unique menu.

The process to make Okonomiyaki (Osaka “Buta-tama” pancake)

Around the world, there are many ways to make a pancake. They also have their own ingredients but most common is that the flour is always there. Even if there are many kinds of cooking pancake but all are delicious in each place. But this time we will know about the pancake that is the pride of Japan. If you will visit there then you can see them being sold even at the street market. If you want to make your own here is the guide.

You can see that it was illustrated from the ingredients and into the cooking until it was done. Along the way, there are tips that are given so that you can cook pancake with ease. If it is your first time you may make imperfect ones but with practice, you can also master it. So if you love this pancakes then you should learn how to do it yourself. Once you did it is a great and fulfilling accomplishment that you had done.

If you will visit Japan then find where you can buy and taste it so that you would know what taste to expect when you will make your own. The steps are easy to follow. You just need to find the ingredients that you will need and then begin and follow the steps above. You are on your way then to make your very first okonomiyaki. Have time to enjoy them and share them also to whomever you want to.

Sushi 101: The complete guide to the famous healthy food in Japan

If you will travel to Japan you must also try their famous sushi food. If you did not then your travel is not complete. There are many things that Japan has to offer but one of them that surely you would not miss is to eat sushi there.  As it can be found as a common dish in restaurants then you do not have any worry where to look for it.  And for you to have the great experience you will see below the complete guide for you.

The things that you want to know about sushi are already revealed. You can have the guide on what to eat so that you can have the great experience in eating the famous food and a very healthy one. As you can see there are tips provided and if you follow them you will understand how it is like that. The ginger is also used so that you can taste your food as it is without being mixed on what you have already eaten.

Others use another kind of food for removing the taste but here ginger is used. If you do not want to complete the cycle also then just apply the tips of having the fish that has the lower impact of taste then end up with the one who is the fattiest as they have the stronger and heavy taste. So if you want to experience Japan you should also try the sushi as it will complete your Japan experience.

Amazing Cherry Blossoms in the East:Japan

Cherry blossoms are one of the most famous flower in the world. In fact, it is the symbol of countries in the east. So many people long to see the cherry blossoms in Korea and Japan so they want to go there for a visit. When you see it in real, the feeling is inexpressible because the flowers are just so amazing. When cherry blossoms are falling and you are there just stepping on them, you may imagine your wedding day.

Cherry blossoms coming in pink,violet and white happens in March and April depending on the location. Thousands of people fly to Japan annually to see the amazing cherry blossoms. Of course, there are also local people going to visit these flowers. Dating under the cherry blossom is also very common in Japan and Korea. It is just an amazing culture found in this country. In fact, cherry blossoms are brilliant only in the east. There are also similar flowers from another country but this kind can only be enjoyed in the east.

As many people visit the country, they really want to bring cherry blossoms to their home and family but it is not just allowed by the embassy. Of course, this is a rule in going overseas.Amazing cherry blossoms is enjoyed much when there are not many people. Local people do not rush in going to watch cherry blossoms since they always see them yearly. They also have a little time to go under them because of busy schedule.

Why Should you Visit all the Cities and Town in Japan?

People wonder how Japan is like. Japan is just like all countries, hiding its ow beauty and identity. Japan identity is their unique culture and lifestyle. There are so many things to share when it comes to Japan races and languages. People are scared when they hear of a Japanese speaking. However, this time is very different.

Here are the reasons why you should visit Japan. I am not selling Japan. Its just that Japan is rich country at the same time beautiful.

  • Japan welcomes other visitors in the country.

  • Not only the country that welcomes them but also the netizens would be very glad to let you in their home for as long as they do not see you suspicious.
  • They are easy to befriend. They too are hospitable though not all are. Of course, the country that welcomes tourist is like a heaven. Just imagine a going to a beautiful country but they lift their heads up before you, then it must be very difficult to communicate with them.

The towns and villages have preserved the cultures and legacy of different dynasty that head the nation. In fact, they are so proud that they are one of the most unique country in the world and they are proud that they could trace their history dates back nearly the end of BC. Of course, they are not really that traditional to this very moment but at least they carry their culture to this very day.

There are so many beautiful towns and places in the whole country of Japan.